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Portable IC SHC-IC60

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Portable IC SHC-IC60 (dual channel)

[Applicable fields]
Petroleum field, environment field, marine field, police organization, etc.

[Components to be measured]
・Dual system enables simultaneous analysis of anions and cations

[Technology Advantage] 
・The world's smallest class of ion chromatographs that use a dual system
・Widely used for carrying and analyzing ion chromatographs in various indoor and outdoor locations.
・Lightweight and compact design with excellent analysis speed.
・Dual detector, dual pump, dual injection, dual column
・Simultaneous analysis of two software is possible.
・Uses a large-capacity bag-type eluent supply system
・Safety design where water supply and power supply methods are completely separated from energized parts
・The thin, large-capacity battery allows continuous operation for approximately 30 hours or more on a single charge.
・Capable of processing huge amounts of data
・Advanced human-machine interaction
・Supports wireless Wifi, Android, and Win systems. Connect to external terminal and send data in real time
・If you install the software on a tablet or other device, you can access your data from anywhere.

[Technical Parameter] 
・Maximum pressure: ≥37MPa (PEEK), ≥42MPa (stainless steel)
・Flow rate range: 0.001mL/min ~ 9.999mL/min
■Column heater
・Operating temperature range: 5 ~65°C Temperature accuracy: ±0.004°C
・Temperature stability: ≤0.1°C/h
・Size (L*W*H*): 320*260*430 (mm)
・Pressure test: ≥37MPa
・Electrical conductivity detector
・Detection range: Anion Cl- ≤ 0.003μg/mL Cation Li+ ≤ 0.001μg/mL
・Baseline noise: ≤0.02%FS (anions) ≤0.05%FS (cations)
・Baseline drift: ≤0.2%FS (anion) ≤0.18%FS (cation)

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The IC Column is an important position in the IC method!

The IC Column is an important position in the IC method!

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